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Meet the Maker & Our Story




Hi! My name is Madi. I am the owner, designer, and creator behind Rising Soul Co. I am a dog mom to 5: Korra (Husky), Cali (Poodle), Clover (Poodle), Mochi (Cockapoo), & Bloom (Cavapoo). By my side is the best dog dad ever, Anthony! We’ve been together for 4 years and love the little furry family we have built! I love anything boho/hippie and am obsessed with animals! We watch a lot of impractical jokers and America’s Funniest Videos - Animal Edition. Lol I love the outdoors! Hiking, swimming, snowboarding, all of the above. I own a lot of tie-dye! A few of my favorite artists/bands are Lorde, Cage the Elephant, Hozier, Milky Chance, & BØRNS. My favorite types of food are Japanese and Italian! I eat a lot of popcorn. Before making jewelry, I made dream catchers, yarn wall art, & macrame! I love jewelry, photography, and fashion.


I grew up in a home of entrepreneurs. My mom is a cosmetologist with her own salon, my dad owns a landscaping company, and they also own a dog business. I immediately knew I wanted to follow in their footsteps. However, with the pressure of the world I started college thinking I needed a degree to have a “real job” and stable income. I soon realized the college life and 9-5 jobs really weren’t for me. While in college, I started this business as a hobby/side hustle in September of 2017. Next thing I knew I was dropping out of college one class away from the nursing program!!! This was the best decision of my life. After dropping out of college, I was working at a local small business restaurant on week days and working pop ups on the weekend! And when I wasn’t at the restaurant or at pop ups, I was home making more product to sell! I was working 24/7! Before I knew it I was able to quit my restaurant job and become a full time business owner! In October 2021 we were able to open a Mobile Jewelry Boutique! Now here we are, almost 5 years after taking a leap of faith, with a whole community of amazing supporters and friends, a mobile storefront, and so many beautiful jewelry designs! I am the happiest I’ve ever been. I truly feel like I have found where I belong. This business is my full time job and my livelihood. I am so thankful to you all for making this dream possible for me. I am so honored